As a locally owned and totally independent company, Martin & White is able to provide the benefit of a single source responsibility to our customers.  Our goal is to serve you –the customer.  We offer competitive pricing for bid contracts and service work.  Martin & White will always stand behind our work, and we take great pride in being the company that you want on your team.

The combined knowledge and experience of field staff and office staff will ensure that Martin & White will remain the premier provider of mechanical installation and services.  We are the market leader in the installation of HVAC equipment, automation systems, process piping, carbon steel piping, catwalks and/or handrails.  Our technicians are certified to provide service to a large variety of equipment – including but not limited to chillers, boilers, package systems, heat pumps, split systems, unit heaters, exhaust systems, make up air systems, and any supplemental mechanical equipment such as VAVs, PTACs, pumps, etc.  With the combined resources of our installation teams, service technicians, and fully functioning sheet metal fab shop, Martin & White is able to provide high-quality and cost effective workmanship. 

The customer base of Martin & White is extremely diverse.  We do large construction projects for general contractors, and these projects vary in size and scope.  The service base handles large maintenance contracts to small service requests.  Site types include large warehouses, high rise apartments, small chain retail centers, medical offices, nursing homes, churches and restaurants.  Martin & White has worked with multiple customers on increasing efficiency to help the customer capitalize on federal rebate programs. We have researched these programs and given the customers options including investment pay-back as the projects arise.  Every solution is customized based on the needs of the customer. 

Aside from workmanship, there are other facets of customer relationships that Martin & White prioritizes.  Our field supervisors continually audit the jobsites for cleanliness and proficiency. Our technicians are required to remove all construction debris and provide excellent housekeeping throughout any project.  We also coordinate the timing of service to meet the scheduling preference and timeline of each customer.  Our technicians must also provide documentation of services rendered.  Within our office, we maintain a database of work performed, work recommended, quotes submitted, equipment inventory per site, and Freon usage logs.  The best way to measure customer satisfaction is to ask.  Through our communications efforts, we are able to address any concerns before a customer is dissatisfied.  Martin & White is committed to the highest standard of honesty, integrity and professionalism.  Martin & White is devoted to excellent customer service!