Martin & White is committed to first class customer service!  Our team of experienced and licensed technicians can handle any needs you may have with your Commercial/Industrial HVAC equipment.

Martin & White mechanical is a full service mechanical contactor, able to respond to any request for major & minor mechanical installation, emergency calls, and/or support services. Along with our service division, we have a fully equipped sheet metal division and piping division. Martin & White is proud to be a locally owned and operated contractor, in business since 1998 in Shelby County. We gladly provide services to the tri-state area on a daily basis.

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Types of HVAC Services

Package Units (Large & Small)

Packaged heat pumps  and air conditioners provide efficient electric heating and cooling to your home or business.

Tube Heating Systems

Our tube heaters give an efficient source of radiant heat for a wide variety of hard-to-heat spaces. Perfect for warehouses, loading docks, garages, maintenance shops, auto body shops and more.

Chillers (Centrifugal, Screw & Mag Bearing)

Perfect for large office buildings, condominiums and/or process factory.  Ideal to reduce waste energy and cool a large building efficiently. 

Cooling Towers

Our cooling towers provide optimal cooling with minimum energy usage and deliver thermal performance, low maintenance, versatility of options and outstanding value.

Air Compressors

We work hard to insure that the compressor you receive matches your application. The heart of any pneumatic system is the air compressor.  Without air in the proper amount and at the correct pressure, all control would be lost.

Water Source Heat Pumps

 Our water source heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications. They provide an engineered solution for today's environmental and energy conservation standards.

Air Handling Units

Our air handling units are all about effective air distribution. The advanced components excel at ensuring that your space stays comfortable and your system runs efficiently.

Terminal Units (VAV/FCU)

Providing consistent and reliable comfort for building occupants, we offer a variety of terminal boxes to meet your system needs.

Split Systems

A split-system home comfort system uses an outdoor (air conditioner or heat pump) and indoor (gas furnace, air handler or oil furnace) to deliver comfortable air to a living environment.

Process Cooling Systems

Process cooling is a critical requirement for cooling, refrigeration, heat extraction, and maintaining temperature during manufacturing or other processes. 

Boilers and Water Heaters

Research shows that using condensing water heaters or boilers with hydronic air handling units can provide both space and water-heating efficiencies of 90 percent or higher.

Exhaust/Ventilation Systems

Our exhaust and ventilation systems are relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and work great in cold climates.

HVAC Type Systems